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dad: are u listening to gregorian chants



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A follow-up to the Audible story, on the opposite end of the spectrum:

I saw some mysterious entity trying to withdraw $72.51 from my bank account. The first time, it was returned to my account, so i was like w/e.

But it happened a second time— and a second time, it was returned to my account. Even so, that concerned me, so I went to my mom.

When the money was returned to my account, it was apparently returned “NSF” which means insufficient fees.

Which costs me $45.


So this mysterious entity had cost me $90.

I went to my bank (which is when I also figured out the Audible problem and was advised to email them) and showed the banker my issue.

She went to talk to her manager, came back, and asked me…

"Do you have student loans?"

It turns out, this “”mysterious entity”” is the National Student Loans Service Center, trying to take out interest on my loans from last year. Trying— and twice before they succeeded.

Since I’m still a student, they shouldn’t be taking my money.

The biggest piss-off about this?


The motherfuckers who are supposed to give me money so I can pay rent, buy groceries, commute to college…

are taking what little money I have WITHOUT the loans that I applied for three months ago.

I’m so fucking pissed off about this. They’ve tried to screw me over so many times. //PULLS AT HAIR.

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Okay let me tell you guys a story.

At some point in 2013, I somehow got signed up on for a free 30 day trial. After the trial, I somehow got signed up for the membership, which has a monthly fee.

I found out about this. About two weeks ago. Need I remind you that we are well into 2014? Yeah.

So I e-mailed them, explaining the situation. I basically said that I wanted to cancel my membership, and possibly find some way to get reimbursed for the money.

They replied one day later. The customer care rep (Corinne) explained what she believes must have happened (aka I somehow started the trial and somehow wound up paying for the membership), and that my account had never purchased anything. Which was good to know, but not super helpful.

Then she got super helpful. She immediately canceled my membership, immediately gave me a refund for all of the monthly fees, and apologized several times (“for any distress caused”, or “for the inconvenience”). She was very thorough, very helpful, and very understanding— plus, very prompt!

TL;DR Audible has some AWESOME customer care like damn.

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What is life, o my god

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